The Best Exercise to Grow Taller Isn’t What You Think

Almost everyone that wants to grow taller is going about it the wrong way. And it’s not their fault! The fault lies in the overwhelming amount of misinformation that’s been published online about the best exercise to grow taller.

This misinformation comes primarily from the fact that there are so many scam artists and spammers that prey on the unsuspecting public. They’re very convincing and it can be nearly impossible to distinguish the good guys from the bad.

Most people believe that in order to grow taller they need to stretch and contort their bodies in a painful manner, but just the opposite is true. Stretching doesn’t have to be the least bit painful and – contrary to what many people seem to believe – pain is a very good indicator that the stretches you’re doing is wrong.

You could very well be doing yourself much more harm than good. In order to learn how to grow taller, you’ll have to prepare your body by stretching, but unless you’re stretching in an optimal manner you could be setting yourself up for injury.

And an injury can be devastating for your results. In fact, the absolute best case scenario if you become injured due to stretching is that your progress in growing taller will be diminished. At worst, you could find yourself permanently injured with no way to grow taller in the future.

When you start using stretching exercises, you have to be sure that you’re using ones that are medically and scientifically proven to work. Too many people are disappointed to learn that even though their local yoga class may help them stay healthy and fit by enabling them to become limber, it will do little, if anything, for their height.

This is why the best exercise to increase height eludes the vast majority of people so often. Up until very recently, there hasn’t been a medically-proven, scientifically-documented resource for height increase released to the public online.

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