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Hoodia-Pure: Remember the Bushmen

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A lot of new discoveries have sifted to the top of many researchers’ attention for weight loss. Especially in recent years, as weight control has become such a big issue, alternatives to pricey weight loss programs are being sought out all over the world. An unexpected appetite suppressant known as Hoodia gordonii is such an […]

What is Hoodia Patch?

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Slimming patches are the way forward for effective and efficient weight loss. Patches are not a new invention, they have been used for many years, for a range of purposes; Nicotine patches, Hormone replacement therapy patches and even diabetic patches. Great success has been achieved by delivering medication in this form and the slimming world […]

Hoodia Diet Patch Review – Are Patches Better Than Pills?

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What is Hoodia Diet pills have been popular for many years, allowing easy weight loss without resorting to extreme dieting or excessive exercise. It is only recently that scientific evidence has begun to suggest that a new type of diet product known as a slimming patch could actually be more effective than diet pills for […]