Is Hoodia Safe?

What are hoodia side effects? Is hoodia safe? Dieters want to know. There is no short answer to this question. Known hoodia side effects amount to nothing more than thirst suppression, requiring dieters to drink water, even when they are not thirsty. But, is hoodia safe? It should be. Other succulents like aloe provide the active ingredients in many patented medicines and are considered safe for most people. If hoodia side effects are similar to those of aloe, then it should not be used by pregnant women. Aloe increases menstrual flow and is used to treat amenorrhea, which is a lack of menstrual periods in women of child-bearing age.

There are several reasons that it is difficult to answer the question; is hoodia safe. Clinical research has not been completed. The available research supports claims by the health supplement industry concerning appetite suppression. There is also evidence to support the statements concerning increased energy and metabolism. What the research can not do is provide an absolute answer to questions about hoodia side effects and safety. It is understandable that dieters are cautious. It has not been long since ephedra was removed from the market and memories of Fen-fen related deaths are still fairly fresh in the public’s mind. It is difficult to recommend a product when so little is known about it. But, one thing is certain, hoodia is not a stimulant.

Most appetite suppressants contain stimulants. If an overweight person is about to purchase an appetite suppressant, then the answer to the question; is hoodia safe, should be answered a little differently. Hoodia side effects do not include any of those associated with stimulants. It does not increase heart rate or blood pressure. If a person is deciding between hoodia and a product containing a stimulant, then the safest choice is hoodia.

Phytopharm is the company that is best suited to answer the question; is hoodia safe. Phytopharm was the first company to work with the scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Africa. Phytopharm states that, “…the safety data are consistent with a satisfactory overall safety profile…” Phytopharm is still conducting research concerning hoodia side effects and is not yet ready to release its patented product, but has invested millions of dollars in creating hoodia plantations in Africa. This seems to indicate that they believe the outcome will be positive.

In March 2006, Consumer Reports concluded, “Given the very scanty evidence that hoodia works and the even scantier evidence that it’s safe, particularly for long-term use, we do not recommend the use of hoodia-based weight-loss products.” It is difficult to understand why consumer reports would make such a broad statement. For one thing, most dieters would not need to use hoodia on a long-term basis, so hoodia side effects related to long term use are irrelevant. For another thing, Consumer Reports does not make similar statements relating to weight loss products containing stimulants. In these articles, they state that stimulant containing appetite suppressants should only be used by otherwise healthy individuals. This would be a more unbiased statement. The Consumer Reports article may lead individuals to believe that, “no” is the answer to the question; is hoodia safe. When in actuality, there is no evidence of adverse hoodia side effects and no evidence suggests that hoodia is not safe.

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