How Effective Are Hoodia Pills?

There are just people who, no matter what they do, just can’t lose weight. From diets to exercises, to taking different diet pills, nothing seems to work. The only method you have not considered yet is going under the knife which is for you going over board.

But, recently, a new diet supplement called Hoodia Gordonii has emerged from the market. It comes in different forms one being the Hoodia Pill. The claims of its effectiveness are enormous and testimonials from people who have tried it are quite sensational. But are Hoodia Pills really effective?

How Hoodia Came to Be

Hoodia Gordonii is a plant found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. The San Bushmen, natives of the place, already knew of the plant’s appetite suppressing effects. They have been using it already for thousands of years. In times of food and water scarcity, the San Bushmen would take it to suppress their hunger and thirst. During long hunting trips, warriors would take the plant so that they would be able to last for days without food or water.

It was in the 1930s that a group of Westerners on an expedition in South Africa that they discovered the herb They saw the San Bushmen eating cactus-like plants and when they inquired, that is the time they found out about it and its appetite suppressing effects. It was a drug company called Phytopharm who studied the plant and found amazing results.

Today, a lot of variants and forms have surfaced on the market one of which is the Hoodia Pills.

Different Forms of Hoodia

Hoodia Gordonii is a plant which when eaten produces a bitter and acrid taste.

Because of this, the Hoodia plant was manufactured into different forms to obscure or disguise its taste. One form of Hoodia is the liquid form. This manufactured form of the plant is popular with Hoodia users since you would not be able to taste any bitterness. In fact, some liquid forms have been given flavors to make them more appealing.

Another form of this is the Hoodia Pills. The pills are much like any other over the counter pill so taking them will not be that difficult. The bitter taste of the plant is also not inherent with the pills.

Hoodia Pills and Their Effectiveness

This has been the question of skeptics since it became publicly known.

According to studies, Hoodia, whatever form it may be, is effective as an appetite suppressant. There were even experiments done on two different groups of people. One group would be taking it and the other group would be taking placebos. The results were that those who were taking Hoodia really had lesser consumption of food.

The problem actually that people are facing is not really about its effectiveness. It is about getting the real thing. Some manufacturers who want to take advantage of this opportunity to make money mix in different synthetic additives which not only makes the product ineffective but harmful as well.

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