Body Choice Hoodia Weight Loss

Body Choice Hoodia Weight Loss

Body Choice Hoodia Weight Loss



The hoodia weight loss patch may be lesser known than taking your hoodia gordonii supplement as a pill but the hoodia weight loss patch has many benefits that make it even better than pills if you take a closer look. Picture this scenario: Its 7am in the morning.

You have dressed the kids, cooked them breakfast and somehow managed to find time to dress yourself! You play policewoman breaking up the fights at the breakfast table whilst making lunches for yourself, hubby and playlunches for school.

8am – no time for breakfast for yourself – you’re running late! You pile the kids into the car and head for school.

8.30am – The kids are finally taken care of after your youngest little darling causes you to fossick through your wallet at the last minute for excursion money that she forgot was due today.

9.15am – Oops! Late again to work. The traffic just gets heavier and heavier. You make a mental note to cut more of your precious sleep time so you can make it tomorrow. There are already 3 jobs on your desk marked “urgent”. You get started right away before anyone notices you were late.

It is now 10 o’clock. Sally at the desk next to you is eating a lovely piece of cake with warm coffee. Your body is telling you how much you’d love some too… then it hits you.

YOU FORGOT TO TAKE YOUR HOODIA! Does this scenario sound familiar?

Whether it is your job, the kids, your partner, the bills, an active social life or a combination of all of these, the pace of life is certainly getting more hectic and many of us don’t have time to think about our meals let alone take extra supplements that will help us.

Is there a solution to this problem?

You should be taking a look at the Hoodia weight loss patch as an alternative to hoodia gordonii diet pills.

The Hoodia patch technique uses a “transdermal process” where the contents of the patch are absorbed through the skin in a similar way to a nicotine patch works. You can even get a Hoodia nicotine patch if you are trying to give up smoking as well as lose weight!

In order to make the Hoodia plant marketable and transportable to the general public, the Hoodia plant is grinded to a powder and an alcoholic substance used to concentrate the active ingredients. The finished product is sold as capsules, tablets, liquid form or in the form of a patch.

If you are a busy person a time-released patch will allow a small amount of the active ingredient to be released into the circulation system of your body throughout the day. This is an advantage as you don’t need to remember to take Hoodia before you eat or at regular times during the day.

Usually you can use one Hoodia patch every 24 hours. The only thing you will need to remember is to drink plenty of water even if you don’t feel thirsty to avoid dehydration.

Whether you are a busy mom, a shift worker with odd times and eating patterns, or just plain forgetful (like me) the Hoodia weight loss patch can provide you with a way to take your Hoodia without having to remember to do so half an hour to an hour before every meal.

So where does the hoodia weight loss patch fit into the above scenario?

10pm (the night before) – Place the hoodia weight loss patch onto your shoulder and turn off the light to sleep soundly.

Body Choice Hoodia Weight Loss

Body Choice Hoodia Weight Loss

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