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Learning to Recognize Genuine Hoodia Gordonii Pills

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Lose weight fast There are many fake hoodia products available on the World Wide Web. The minute the hoodia plant made its way onto the diet market, everyone saw an opportunity to make some money. In order to avoid being fooled by some of these dishonest imitation products, I will reveal a few tips which […]

Original Hoodia Gordonii Plus

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Sick and tired of trying to lose weight and nothing is working for you? Maybe it’s time to try something different. You might want to try a hoodia pill to reduce your excess weight. There are many pills available in the market, which have hoodia as a component. This might be the right thing for […]

A Brief History of Hoodia Gordonii

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The setting for the history of hoodia gordonii is southern Africa. Long before Europeans explored the continent giving Latin names to the strange plants and animals they encountered, the San peoples knew hoodia gordonii by different names; xshoba, ikhoba, xhooba, etc. The question of hoodia safety had long been answered for them. They knew that […]