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Green Tea Hoodia Weight Loss

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Green Tea Hoodia Weight Loss Researchers have discovered that taking the natural Hoodia Gordonii plant as well as drinking Green Tea, has specialized and unique powers to miraculously boost an individual’s weight loss results. The benefits are not just limited to losing weight quickly either, Hoodia and Green Tea taken together has been reported to […]

High Fiber Hoodia Weight Loss

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High Fiber Hoodia Weight Loss     One of the essential nutrients that many people do not realize their diet is lacking in fiber. Fiber is actually a special type of sugar, made of polysaccharides. Even if you have no idea what this means, the basics are that it is an essential nutrient to any […]

A Review of the Hoodia Income Opportunity

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What is Hoodia? Hoodia, if it is authentic, it is one of the most rare botanicals in the world. It is like a cactus plant that only grows in South Africa. There are compounds that have been isolated by Scientists that suppress the appetite. There is a molecule called P57. The mid-brain area is affected […]