Appetite Suppressant Hoodia 57 – How Is It Made?

The appetite suppressant hoodia 57 or more specifically identified as the p57 molecule extracted from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. The Hoodia Gordonii naturally grows in the Kalahari dessert. However, this plant is not that easy to find. You need a skilled South African bushman to locate the real Hoodia Gordonii. The bushmen of South Africa has benefited from this plant for thousands of years. Their ancestors had used it to suppress their need to eat when they venture out in hunting for meat which would last for days. The Hoodia Gordonii has swarmed the health market because of its ability to curb ones appetite without getting weak. The good thing about it is, it does not have any adverse effects. So how did they come up with this specific ingredient?

When the Hoodia Gordonii is harvested it undergoes an extraction process wherein the skin, spine and roots are removed since these parts are rendered useless. The appetite suppressant hoodia 57 molecule is gathered. Take note that you can only extract about 60 percent of this molecule from the plant. The 40 percent is thrown away. To produce at least a few grams of the p57, a huge amount of the Hoodia plant is needed. The raw p57 is then dried and made into powder form. It needs a lot of time and manpower or equipment and a very expensive process. This meticulous process is in exchange of producing a wonderful product that can help suppress ones appetite effectively.

But even before you could have any real gordonii in your possession a company needs to go through a needle hole. A company must have the CITES permit to be able to purchase the Hoodia Gordonii. Put in mind that not all companies who want to purchase it can have it. There are only a selected few in the market who can have it. Aside from acquiring the CITES permit the company must pay royalties to the discoverers. This is only just to give the Bushmen what is rightfully theirs. There are also Good Manufacturing Procedures that these products go through. The goal of this said procedure is to achieve the highest of quality at the same time preserve of its efficacy. Otherwise the products you are getting is useless. Not only does a manufacturer have to test the raw product but also the finished product with advance testing procedures to make sure that the consumers would only get hold of the best Hoodia Gordonii.

That simply means the finished product should be pure Hoodia Gordonii to achieve the desired results in suppressing ones appetite. No other active ingredients should be present or else it would indicate that there is less of these p57 molecules present in the supplement. Thus, it would equal to low performance. If you seek the real appetite suppressant hoodia 57 at its best then you need to order it from the most reputable company.

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