Hoodia Gordonii Reviews

Review Of Hoodia

Hoodia is a kind of flowering plant that has been eaten for many years by South African tribesman because of its ability to sustain hunters during long journeys by suppressing hunger and thirst. Studies have shown that Hoodia interacts with the brain by telling it that it's full, even though very little or no food has been consumed. Even though there are many varieties of hoodia, only one, hoodia gordonii, has the supposed dietary effects. Hoodia gordonii contains P57, the only active ingredient that has been identified in the cactus plant. P57 is the molecule found to be responsible for the natural appetite suppression. The "not hungry" message produced by P57 is 10,000 times stronger than the message glucose sends.

In the past few years, hoodia has enjoyed mass popularity for its ability to suppress appetite and control hunger. Do a quick search on the Internet for hoodia-containing products and you'll get scores of website addresses claiming to be the only pure and least expensive form of hoodia. But be careful. Not only are one-shot answers to weight loss usually gimmicks, but counterfeit forms of hoodia are rampant. The only way to test for a product's purity is to have it sampled by a laboratory. It is estimated that over 80% of the hoodia-containing products are a sham, making them not that different from popping a few sugar pills and waiting for the placebo-effect to kick in.

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